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Who are we?

We are a group of international experts, instructors, and organizations, that provide content and e-learning opportunities that will get you future-ready with new skills and knowledge in different topics relevant to business and career success.

Claudia M. Silva

Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Women in Tech Ambassador PT| Tech Mentorship | Agile enthusiast

A tech-savvy with over 15 years of experience in technology across a variety of disciplines. In a nutshell, a versatile IT multilingual professional, with an in-depth understanding and ability to translate technical and complex projects in a business and commercial-orientated solution. How? Being a communicator and relationship builder by nature.

Nuno Simões

Digital Marketing Expert | Franchise Master and Founder | Mentor in tech, innovation and education

A serial entrepreneur in the education industry highly experienced in direct support and training to 23 franchise openings around the world. Marketing, Negotiation, Business, Sales, and Entrepreneurship are just a few of the skills he now uses to help others bring their ideas to the market. How? With a true passion for human development.

Cindy Barardo

Communication | Media Content | Sales | Fintech | Financial Services | Mentorship & Coaching

A true born communicator and experienced professional in the US and European media industry, although being into Communication and Social media, still prefers a good face-to-face conversation. Always eager to learn what's trending in new content and media platforms now help people and brands tell their stories. How? As a shiny happy connector!

Rute Frade

Google Project Manager | Professional Organizer | Founder SOMA Services

An enthusiastic 5 languages speaker after 30 years in European and International corporations, that now provides support to the ones seeking a unique skills’ framework. How? By being a learned person, with a resourceful and curious mindset put in to action through teaching. Always in an agile way!

Luisa Baltazar

EIC Business Coach | Founder Institute Mentor | Founder SOMA Services

A happy luso-american that lived 10 years in the Silicon Valley. I now help Founders, C level decision makers and Organizations walk the talk while making business and results happen. How? Through advising, mentoring, coaching and expert consultancy. Always in creative ways!